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… of me in the world of blogging. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, I kept saying that I will start a blog one day… and months went by with me just thinking about it. There must be a starting point, though, and this day is as good as any other day.

Why another fashion blog? There are hundreds more… well, because my avatar did not have a blog. And we’re talking about narcissism here. To that extent:

Hair is Aimesi and the skin is a former freebie by Lara skin, I don’t really remember what outfit I was wearing.

Anyway, there is some new stuff  that I have to blog too. Today I got these gorgeous boots at the Baby Monkey lucky chair. They come in two versions, one resizable and one colorchange. The hair is from the W&Y lucky board (there’s also a black version) and the shirt is still available in a gift bok at :KC: hair. I am wearing my favorite skin, Sienna Nuit Tinsel by Exodi. No, it is not free, but worth every linden. It just skreams sexy, don’t you think? :))) Oh, and I got that horse from the Zombie Popcorn hunt, it’s the prize at .doll

Here’s the pic:

There should be more after this post, once I figure out how everything works :))