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I guess everyone and their mother is wearing the hoorenbeek siren boots by now. But they look so good, that I just had to take a picture. And then another one. And more.

And then I played the cowgirl a bit, adding CS Fandango boyfriend jeans which I have for so long, but still love to wear, a red vest that was given by (pixeldolls) as gift for the Urban Shopper anniversary, and ChiChickie western girl hair.

My skin is Sharon, a former gift by Your Skin and Your Shape. I think it is the skin that made me discover that there is more to Second Life than Second Life… and that is Second Life fashion 😀 I fell in love with it instantly and I kept it on for months. Now, that hundreds of skins are in my inventory, I come back to it with love, from time to time 🙂 The horse is a hunt prize blogged in my first post.

Back to the title of this post… it is a song by Nancy Sinatra, it has always been one of my favorite songs… but I will not take it as a motto… well, not today, at least  🙂