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They say people use SL to bring out a new personality. Well, that’s wrong. I’m so much the same in SL and RL: always caring about new clothes and shoes and never caring about such things as furniture or home appliances. And now that a friend gave me this huge skybox (well, huge considering my poor inventory in terms of home and garden), I realize that I have no furniture to decorate it. Well, I like it that way. And guess what: no carpets needed either, cause the floors are transparent and I can see the land below. That’s some pattern :))

I used an olive-green sweater dress from Outrage! cause it matches the skybox textures (well, at least there’s something in my inventory to match it) and one of my favorite appearances: Cyanide Uma skin in sunkissed tone and the Sheena hair by Amacci, which is a former lucky chair prize. The boots are by hoorenbeek, blogged in my previous post. I’m not sure how visible they are, but lashes are from Vixen and nails are by Candy Nail. The folding chair is from Lark and the chaise longue was a gift from Patchwork (no slurl, sorry).

So… what does a girl do when she realizes she has no furniture for the new home? She changes outfit, of course :)) I had this present from Sweeter than Candy in my objects folder for several days now and I finally got to unpack it and try it on. And I like it!

I matched it with !Ohmai hair, a former gift, I think, and a skin by Kiko life that I got from a hunt. I think that’s enough to decorate a new home, don’t you? 🙂

The skybox is only available on xstreet and is really great (I am not only saying that because it was gifted by a friend) so here’s the link again: https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=2283584