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I made these pictures two days ago, I edited them yesterday and now I want to post them. Finally. I mean it 😀

RL is kinda crazy these days and there’s not much fun about it. But I guess I’ll have to live with that, after all, most of us need a job :))

Back to the fun part now: HOUSE OF BENINGBOROUGH gave out a new group gift and another gift for the Fashion trend group (It is written in caps because i copied and pasted it. I never get to spell it right :D). The group gift in store is this cute lemon, flowered dress. Before SL, I never imagined yellow was a wearable  color, but I think it kinda looks good now. I even might buy something yellow in RL :))

The pics were made made in my new skybox, of course :))) I added blonde hair by Magika, shoes by YS &YS, Free Speerit skin (I think it is closed for the time being) and my usual Vixen lashes and Candy Nail prim nails (blogged before).

Next up, the other HoB gift, which is an unusual prim-made top and a skirt (not shown). I matched it with Inverness pants by Glam Affair, from their L$10-20 department, which is really worth paying a visit. The shoes are among my favorites, Madonna ultimate boots by Baby Monkey. They are so cool because they are color change, have custom skin option and and option to show or hide the toes. How about that? 😀

I am wearing the wonderful Sayuri skin by Tuli and W&Y hair (yes, again, I adore their stuff) to add a touch of color. I chose a grayscale location to match the outfit, so I took the pics in Gliteratti‘s garage photobox, which is absolutely gorgeous and I hope I afford it one day lol.

I just received a gift from Amacci. I can’t wait to try it on, but my bf just kicked all the prims on our land and I’m kinda homeless :))) Anyway, I hope I can blog it before the weekend ends 😀