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I never really though purple was a wearable color. Maybe because my mom used to say that women who are ..uhm… easy wear that color. Since SL, however, I started to like purple and ever wear purple clothes in RL. Today I saw this cute Honey dress on the feeds and I just had to have it and show it off. I even went to a rock party dressed like that 😀

Yeah, that was a really big picture of me not really showing the dress :))) Glitteratti just gave out this piano with five animations as a gift. Happy birthday, Katey Coppola, my mom has more reasons to be depressed than yours :)))

I added to the outfit  the *GF* lace-up boots, that were recently sent as a subscriber gift (still in the notices, I think), W&Y hair (what’s new lol) and a gorgeous skin by Rockberry, Farah,  a former hunt prize.


As I said, the dress is really cute and deserves to be better shown. So there it is:

Moving on to hats now 🙂

I happened to receive two dresses as group gifts today and both have cute little veiled hats. So I had to take pictures.

The first dress is by Baby Monkey, a store that I love for the shoes mostly, but also has cute clothing. The red one was a gift to the FabFree group and is by Cilian’gel. I’m sad to hear that the store is closing, too many designers left SL fashion recently. On another note, everything in the store is L$10 or less.

The skin is, of course, SjOrS by Dutch Touch, it was sent as a group gift a couple of days ago. It is on all the feeds, but look how good it looks on Moniq :p Hair is by Analog Dog in both pictures and lashes are by [glow] studio.

Here’s a look of the full outfits (I also have matching shoes for the BM one, I have them from a hunt):

And here’s a preview of the Mashooka hunt. Finally, I got there, but I did not have the time to unpack.

I am wearing the Original Vest suit from the hunt, along with shoes by Baby Monkey (I just said I love them, right?). They have been for a long while in my inventory and they were made for the 2.0 viewer, which I finally found the courage to use :D:D:D If there’s anyone from Linden Lab or Snowglobe to hear me: please, make a 64-bit version, my processors will be forever grateful!

Hair is by A&A, skin is by Exodi (Dael – He loves me group gift) and the poses with the cute flower are a sub gift from EmJay.

Since I named this post after a song, I guess it would be at least polite to link it here 🙂