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That is the name of a Paris Metro dress. However, it is not the dress I want to write about, but one that was given today at the Paris Metro opening in…well… Paris :)) However, pics were taken in Virtual Bucharest, at the Arts Museum (yes, they built the actual museum, paintings included, in SL). So this is moniq inside the painting of Stefan Luchian:

I am wearing Exodi skin, Vanity Hair up-do, yoyita shoes and prim nails by Candy Nails. Poses are by Vivaposes and Glitteratti. There’s also a statue in front of the museum, kinda ugly, if you ask me, but I thought I’d take a picture of it nevertheless. I took several, actually 🙂

And this is the dress called Inside the painting:

On another note, this was my avatar this morning. Don’t you just love when such things happen? 😀