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No, that’s not a call, it’s an exclamation of joy. IrEn just sent out a new group gift. She does that quite often and I am always happy about that, because her gifts are always beautiful. Like this skin, called Nicole. Just look at those cute lips!

I lately see many skins with red make-up around the eyes. Is that a new fashion trend in SL? It looks a bit strange, for me red eyes mean crying (lol), but the more I look at it, the more  I think it is cute. And the blush is pretty too 🙂

Those pics were supposed to show the body of the skin, but wearing white and gray and finding this location by accident changed my plans a bit :)) So I took the pics just the way I liked it. Plus one snapshot of this strange castle or whatever it is, because it looks great.

It is not off-center, I wanted to include the stairs in the pic 😀

Now the credits: skin Nicole update group in tan by IrEn, hair by W&Y (current lucky board prize). The outfit is this month dollarbie at Prism. The shoes are one of my first purchases in SL and I already blogged them in my previous post. Lashes, as usual, by Vixen. Poses by exposeur.

Shot on location here (like they say in the movies :P)