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I saw this blogger challenge on Chic Aeon’s blog: take a pic with your oldest skin, shape, hair, clothes and so on. AND at the oldest landmark. I decided to take it, not that I am good at such challenges (how would I know, since this is the first one?), but because it gave me inventory nostalgia. Yeah, there is such a thing:D

Before I move on to the pics, I must mention that I am a SL resident since December 2008 (my account was born at Christmas lol), but I only discovered fashion in the autumn of 2009, by accident 😀 Maybe I’ll tell the story some day. All the items in these pics were purchased in January-February of 2009. Is that an excuse for my look at the time? I don’t know, I hope so :))

Skin Ellie Simplicity by Innocence (no longer on the grid, or changed name), hair by Damselfly, shoes by Cassini, outfit by Dragonfly Designs. No prim lashes or prim nails at the time, just my noobie shape :D.

I must say, though, that those sandals are still to die for and those jeans would be the perfect ones, if I could find them in RL. Also among the best in SL, in my opinion.

Now keep your breath and try not to have a heart attack, here comes the close-up 😀

No for this pic, I must admit I cheated. I only started collecting poses lately, so I did not think of looking for the oldest one in my inventory. But I will still post it, although it is not considered as part of the challenge.

This pose is by Diesel Works. The others are courtesy of the animated chairs at V-Twins, where I took the pics, and my avatar with AO turned off 😀