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I made a cool set of pics that I wanted to show here, because of their meaning… illustrating RL through SL… or something like that… But then Ryker Beck sent this notice that her store, Exodi, teamed up with WoE to provide some cool free items to celebrate the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. And then Azul announced a new group gift. So I’ll leave those pics for another post. (That would be in a few hours, if I’m not too lazy. For today I have an excuse, and that is related to my next post. That was one of the teases, I’ll leave the hot one for the end of this post).

Ok, that was me showing my Photoshop skills 😀 Now a picture of the Azul dress:

It is so gorgeous, that I felt like playing the ballerina :p I still wonder why I decided that white sandals are the best choice for this dress. Because of the flowers, maybe? Or because wearing black shoes with a black dress is sometimes boring? I’ll have to meditate on that. LOL

Did I say Exodi? Well, that to me means gorgeous skins (I think I said that a thousand times already, but it is worth repeating :P). And yes, this beautiful Lily V2 skin is …well.. lovable. This one I’m not gonna take off for a while.

Close-up(s) coming:

Nails in this pic are also a gift from Exodi.

The outfit I am wearing is a gift from Indie Rose. It is so very simple, but classy. It also includes a collar, but I took it off because of the hair (too much editing, and I am lazy).

Here’s the full version:

Credits and slurls (there’s still a tease at the end, so, dear reader, if you really exist, don’t stop now):

First two pics: skin by Exodi, hair by Tiny Bird, dress by Azul, shoes by Aimesi (those ones are not free), necklace by Primalot, poses by Dressing Aphrodite.

Pics 2-5: skin and nails by Exodi, hair by UwSt, outfit by Indie Rose, shoes by Nardcotics, poses by [on the cover] (store closed for the moment), lashes by Vixen.

And now the tease: Phoenix Rising has a freebie hunt at the mainstore. It lasts until midnight, so there’s still several hours for hunting. I’m on my way now!