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I have been thinking for a while to write an “Eat this, bitch!” post. I did not use the b* word in the headline because of the feeds, but I do mean it 😀

Funny thing is that I even found an outfit called “Eat this!” in my inventory. My boyfriend got it for me from a lucky board. I am wearing only part of te outfit, I removed the attachments because they were a bit too necko for me and they were hiding my boots :D.

Plus, I had this Fight me! pose set by Diesel Works, which is free for a limited time. And I saw these boxing gloves here. Everything set. So EAT THIS, BITCH!

Now that felt good! 😀 I could punch you with bare hands also…

… but I hear that boxing gloves hit harder!

Now this shoud do it 😀

And the winner is…

As some might notice, this is not a fashion post. However, I will include SLURLs, just in case someone needs to really punch hard some pixels :))

Skin by Dutch Touch blogged here, hair by Posh (modified), outfit by Sweet Misery, poses by Diesel Works, boxing gloves  free at RAGE Combat Academy, M’z boots from a lucky chair, I have to dig deeper for the slurl, they are worth it 🙂