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That’s the inscription written on the door (or gate) of our new house/garage/hangar/club or whatever it is. I took some snapshots of it. With my avatar in the foreground, of course :))

Of course, I had to show this new gift by A piece of candy. It can be worn as babydoll or one piece dress, which means, of course, more pics :p Anyway, it is the exact shade of blue that I needed to dig in my inventory after my favorite Shoe Fly Shoes, which is a special store and will always have a place in my pixelated heart, because there I discovered that Second Life was more than… well… second life :))

S0… long story short: introducing the Zuma blue dress by A piec e of candy, plus an olive cute dress by Jazmyn D and the current group gift by Gelese Giano (If anyone saw the pic on flickr and was wandering where I got it from :p

First, go babydoll blue:

And now the other version (worth two pics):

That pose is called “Don’t Hate Me, I’m Just Amazing” 😀

The Jazmyn D Flirtatious Frilly Dress (not free, but there’s a L$300 gift card in the subscribo :p)

And the Gelese Giano group gift, followed, of course, by a big picture of my face. I said from the first post that I’m a narcissist, so get used to that :p

Now the credits:

first three pics: dress by A piece of candy, shoes by Shoe Fly Shoes, skin by Dutch Touch, W&Y hair, poses by Pr!tty.

fourth pic: dress by Jazmyn D, shoes by Lelutka, skin by Tuli, hair by Boon, pose by Pr!tty

last two pics: dress by Gelese Giano, skin by [KA], hair by Tiny Bird, poses by Miamai, lashes by Vixen, eyes by Exodi.

P.S. I got SL married 😀