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They are sending gift after gift! After last week’s black dress with the red flower (or no red flower option), which was so stunning that 90 percent of people who have blogs or flickr accounts took pictures in it, here comes new one. Not that I mind, though :)) This one is called Noell Sculpted Dress/rust and I copied and pasted the name because I’m speechless! It is way beyond “I love it”, “I like it”, “It looks great”. It is … well… THE dress… at least this week :)))

Just look at that! Is there anything else I could say? I love it from hat to toe :)) And the best part is that this outfit has several options for wearing it: long, short, mid-size, long but with only a part of the attachments. So it is more in one. Yeah, I’m blah-blahin’ here, I’ll better get to the snapshots part 🙂

Here’s the short version:

Short version with hair (lol)

And a longer one:

I am wearing the [LeeZu] dress with !mpossible shoes (old hunt prize), Sharon skin by YS&YS (old group gift) and hair from IrEn, also an old hunt prize. Poses, again, by BehaviorBody.

And now please excuse me, I’m going to stare some more at my avatar wearing that dress!