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How much can you like a hairstyle? Enough to buy it, of course :)) I never heard about Mirai Style until I saw one style on the feeds that really knocked me down. I just had-had-had to have it! And here it is:

It comes in two shades, I chose grey-silver and black, and the bandana has several textures that I can change to match the outfit. See the picture on the wall? That’s my guy :p

While I love SL for allowing me to change the hairstyle several times a day, which in RL is quite impossible if you don’t wear wigs and still want to have your own hair, there is one thing that I do change often in RL: shoooeeessss!!!

SL also has an advantage here: my avatar is just fine wearing impossibly high heels all day long. In RL, my high heels are comfortably laying on shelves, because I kinda hate aching feet 😀

Enough bla-hblah, let’s get to the shoes now 🙂 A MM was called last night on a  group so I went to check it out. I don’t usually trust a store that has more than two MM boards, beacuse it often means low quality. But this Tara store has some awesome stuff for grabs. I’m only showing two models, cause I did not have much time to take pics and edit them.

Yeah, that is Sydney in the background. The skybox also has an Australian flag on the wall. I’m not from Australia, but I’d like to visit. My guy, who found the skybox and placed it on our land, would like to live there. I won’t take it as an allusion, though :p

Finally, yesterday I received the May group gift from Paradisis. I usually avoid pink, but lately I find it more than acceptable. Especially that I could finally use the guitar gift by Glitterati. Same color as the skirt!

First pic: hair by Mirai Style, skin by Dutch Touch, lashes by Vixen, pose by me flying around 😀

Pics 2 and 3: hair by Mirai Style, skin by Dutch Touch, top by Honey (part of a dress previously blogged), pants are from a MM board, but I stll have to dig for the SLURL, skirt by E’Dior, both pairs of shoes by Tara, poses by Diesel Works.

Pic 4: hair by Lollipopz, outfit by Paradisis, skin by Dutch Touch, shoes M’z (i’ll have to look for the slurl), guitar with poses by Glitterati.