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… since I started this blog. It is young, but growing. And I really enjoy it. A bit too much, since I don’t really have much free time and I am spending a lot of it taking snapshots, editing them and posting them here.

On the other hand, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta go. And that means hunting, shopping… and showing it off. I like hunts, although there are too many and involve too many stores these days. So  I only go to take the prizes that I see on the feeds. Here are a few of them (I did not include those over featured all over the blogs and flickr, though :p)

This dress is not a hunt prize, but the weekly freebie at G&N Design.

And this cute dress is a freebie at Muhi, a store that I discovered on this blog.

First pic: hunt outfit by Sassy Kitty Design (hat and bag included), shoes by Shoe Fly Shoes, skin by Free Speerit (store closed for the moment).

Second pic: outfit hunt prize by Delicious, shoes by Shoe Fly Shoes, skin by Free Speerit, hair by W&Y.

Third pic and fourth pic: skin by CandyDoll (hunt prize), hair by W&Y, outfit (shoes included) by G&N Quality Design, lashes by Vixen, nails by Candy Nail.

Last pic: skin by Exodi, hair by Mirai Style, dress by Muhi, shoes by Baby Monkey.

Poses by doll and EverGlow.

And a happy anniversary to my bloggie :p

P.S. I’ll update the rest of slurls when I get to a better PC All updated now 🙂