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Midnight manias, daytime madness, whatever they are called, I think they are one of the best inventions in SL :))

Most of the times I am too lazy to run around to slap boards or to stalk lucky chairs, or I lack the time to do that. However, I took advantage of my mini-vacation to visit some links that were announced in my lc groups.

I got this set of Spanish dresses from Ema’s Secret, which is very sexy, and this great hair from Lollipopz, a store that is dear to me because it is one of the first that I discovered in SL. And that’ all I was able to unpack so far :))

So here we go. The outfit first:

And a close-up of the hair:

Moniq is wearing clothes by Ema’s Secret, shoes by Cattiva e Cattivo, hair by Lollipopz and skin by Exodi (latest group and SoM gift, still available)