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I did spend time in SL during my weekend away from home, but I had no Photoshop or windlight (and I was too lazy to make one). I collected stuff, but did not have the tools (or the time) to show them. But now I do 😀

Several gifts came in: a new dress from House of Beningborough (I can finally spell it), new hair from Exile, several skins – Dulce Secrets, Razzanova, Cupcakes and Exodi. Plus, I got two cute outfits from the Sweet Misery lucky board.

So… let’s roll!

Now that is a lovely dress! And now the jump to casual 🙂

I had to take several pics of the Exodi skin, because it is just too beautiful!

That was a light tone with light eyebrows. Now comes a dark tone with dark eyebrows:

And now all tones with dark brows:

First pic: dress by House of Beningborough, skin by Cupcakes, hair by W&Y (not free).

Second pic: outfit by Sweet Misery, boots by Casuka (old hunt prize), hair by Exile, skin by Dulce Secrets.

Third pic: Sweet Misery, hair by Exile, sneakers by !mpossible shoes, skin by Razzanova.

Final pics: skin by Exodi (Lilly V2, called girlie :p), hairs by Uw.St and Mirai Style, bikini by Staged (old gift, could still be available).

All poses by Pididdle.