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… which means going to the park, having a beer on the terrace, shopping for the summer wardrobe… basically, less time for SL and blogging. But I promised to myself that I would not neglect the blog, so here I am, with lots of great stuff, fit for the summer days or for hot summer evenings (no, I’m not getting my avatar naked :))

First, there’s this Malt purple dress that was sent to the sub-o members. It comes with a very original attachment for the neck and a mask (yay for the alpha layer).

That was the dress worn without the neck attachment and the mask. Here they are :

Purple seems to be the color of this season and I seem to like it more and more (I even dedicated a post to it). This cute outfit  is also on the purple note. I like it because it has a version with long pants…

… and one with shorts. Prim attachments on the chest and upper body are optional. The flip-flops and purse are a gift by Hucci.

Also on the casual summer line is this dress called “ugly duboo gift”, which I don’t find ugly at all. In fact, it is very cute and young (there must be a better word for that, but I can’t find it right now).

Finally, this outfit by TGIS was sent as a gift yesterday and I have been wearing it ever since. It is exactly what I would wear for a night out with friends (I actually have a sheer black blouse with red flowers lol).

It also has a version that is not transparent:

That’s about it. If anyone had enough patience to get through here, SLURLs are given as prize :)))

First two pics: outfit by Malt, shoes by Wetherby’s, skin by YS&YS, hair by W&Y.

Pics 3 and 4: outfit by Saikin, shoes and bag by Hucci, skin by Tuli, hair by I love Olive (recolored).

Pic 5: dress Yozoh* ugly duboo gift, shoes and bag by Baby Monkey (it was a freebie in store, could still be available), skin by Free Speerit, hair by Tiny Bird.

Last two pics: outfit by TGIS, shoes by Baby Monkey (at FabFree HQ), skin by Exodi, hair by Miel.

Moniq is wearing, as usual, prim nails by Candy Nail and lashes by Vixen. Poses by Glitterati, Miamai and Pri!tty.