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I think I have thousands of skins in my inventory right now. I only wear a few, but I love all of them. And every new skin added to the collection is a reason of joy for me. After all, that’s the best part of SL: allowing your avatar to be a different one every day. Wish that could happen in RL :))

LaVie has a new group gift skin, tattooed as usual, and though it has a join fee, I think it’s a group worth having, for the times you get tired of having an avatar that looks as the prettiest Barbie doll ever :p

Dulce Secrets is celebrating the fast increasing number of  it’s som subscribers I have the 700, 800, 900 and 1000 member gifts in my unsorted inventory items, which means they came in recently. I can only wish DS many many more subscribers… and gifts for us :))

And finally, I stumbled upon Iconic, a store that I did not know anything about until now, and they are giving some great skins as gift.

Plus, I fell in love with a white hair that I got as a mm prize. It’s in most of the pics 🙂

That’ the DS skin… ain’t it lovely? 🙂 and the full body:

These are the Iconic skins (full body and close-ups):

And the gift from LaVie (close-ups only for all three tones):


Skins by Iconic, Dulce Secrets and LaVie

Hair by Hazzard and Mina

Bikini by CandyDoll

Shoes by Lelutka

Poses by Glitterati and BehaviorBody