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Giving is good. Today is my birthday (for a few more hours). I feel that  received so much, that I want to give something too. And giving in SL is not easy for me, because I am not a content creator. The only thing I made in SL, beside dressing up my avie :p, was to play with shapes. They’re not perfect, I know. That’s why they can be modified :)) But this is my gift to anyone who wants them 🙂

So, if you like those pictures, just leave a comment with your sl name or drop me a notecard in-world and let me know which shape you want and I will send it 🙂

Here’s Ana, a shape that I made today, based on Tuli’s Sayuri skin:

Andreea is curvier and bigger, but the sexiest in my opinion 🙂

And here’s Elena, a shape I made a while ago especially for Vive9 skins 🙂

So, if any of them suites you, give me a buzz 🙂