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I have this dress in my inventory for several days now, but did not have the time to open the folder until now. Damn Rl, always standing in the way :)))) Plus, this morning I got this skin that is a prize for the I Feel Like Dancing hunt, starting today, and I thought this lively make-up would suit a bubble outfit :))

Anyway, a gown called Bubbles is something rather unusual… so I had to find an unusual place to photograph it. How about a pirates’ island? :)) Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the queen of the pirates!

And you know what? Pirates also dance and party! After they captured the treasure chest, of course! :)))

Ok, this one’s just because the sky looks so great on this windlight!

And now the queen is tired and needs a bubble bath :))

That was the soapy skin by Oceane seen through my window 😀 Here’s a closer look 🙂

Well, the queen of the pirates is kinda shy :))


First set of pics:

Outfit by House of Beningborough

Skin Hawtness Dancing Quen, part of the IFLD hunt, here.

Hair by Hazzard

Second set of pics:

Skin by Oceane Body Boutique

Hair by W&Y

Poses by Miamai and Glitterati