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I dressed moniq as a Barbie doll today. It all started with this A&A hair with roses. It looks incredibly cute. Ok, ok, I know it says “bridal hair” on it, but just pretend you don’t see that. I don’t 😀

I used two cute dresses for this post. One is the June dollarbie at Prism and the other one is a dollarbie at Rapis, a store new to me.

Plus, Cupcakes placed nine fantasy skins as dollarbies for today only, so run there now!

However, I’ll start with a set of pics that shows a sexy dress that is free at Willow’s Starlust location and cave of wonders that Towa is giving for free until June 6.

I so love this pic! (not bragging, ok? :D)

And these are the Barbie dresses 🙂

Plus some close-ups of the Cupcakes skins combined with A&A hair:

Outfits by Rapis (fourth pic), Willow (first two pics) and Prism (third pic)

Skins by  Cupcakes, Dutch Touch (first two pics), and smexy (fourth pic)

Hairs by A&A and Lollipopz (first two pics), already blogged.

Shoes by Cattiva e Cattivo