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It’s been a hectic day in SL today 😀 I went to the Black&Blue fair, to the Strawberry Festival, them Imani announced a sale… and well, I’m also trying to take care of my RL. Now I finally took most the pics and edited them, some are already on my Flickr, others will have to wait for tomorrow because I really am tired :))

These two cute tops are free at the Strawberry Festival and are a gift by Lark. That mentioned, no need to say more about how well they are made 🙂

Also worn in these pics is the latest group gift by AY.LinE. I love it because it is a cute and casual style, perfect for a comfy top, shorts and boots 🙂

Now let’s get to the Black&Blue fair, which I managed to visit today, in spite of the lag. I checked especially the bargain area, I admit, but there are great things to grab there for 1-10L$: tops, jackets, jewelry, poses. And more. Here’s what I got:

It’s not black or blue, but it is absolutely free at the fair and it is made by Miamai, one of my favorite designers 🙂 However, most of the things are blue and black. Just look:

The blue boots are not from the fair, but they came in handy :)) I got them at Imani for free. They have as much as seven gifts on the counter, plus everything in the store is heavily discounted. Like this white and blue hot outfit, which only costs 50L$:

Tops in the first two pics are free at the Strawberry Festival

Shorts are a dollarbie at the Starlust motel (also worn in most of the other pics)

The green boots are a former gift by J’s

The cute dress and the tops in pics 3-7 are available at the Black &Blue Fair

The shoes in the dress picture are by Wetherby’s

The outfit in the last pic and the blue boots can be found at Imani

Hairs by AY.LinE and Lollipopz

Skin by YS&YS

Poses by Olive Juice, Pr!tty and some poses that I have found at Free Style HQ (I was too lazy to look for the lm, sorry 😦 )