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Me, well, almost never. Most of my skirts and dresses are either knee-length or very long. Partly because of the local fashion, partly because most of my wardrobe is suited for going to work. I have some short ones in my RL inventory (can’t call it a closet, because there’s not one big enough to have room for all of them :D), but I’d rather look at them and switch back to my comfy jeans.

In SL, however, my avatar is mostly wearing short or very short stuff, either it is pants, skirts, dresses, matched with high heels (another thing I am running from in RL). Here’s a very short one 😀

I know, there’s not much visibility because of the fence, but I really like how this snapshot came out 🙂 Here’s a better view of this cute Chimera dress by Envied, which was just sent as a subscribo gift:

Necklace is included, by the way :))

And if you want a really short dress, here’s one that is free at Badoura Design (thanks to the FabFree chatters for that tip):

I am matching the dress with hair and skin by Exile. The skin, Chloe Loose Petals, was sent last night as a group gift. For some reason, I could not open the box so I had to go there and get it again. So I also got this hair (no.1 in subscribo), cause I was too lazy to go get it until now.

Next up there’s this B!Fashion outfit, which is currently their profile picks gift. I went there about a week ago, when I slapped the MM for the shoes worn in these snapshots (which I finally unpacked today), and put the pick in my profile. Guess what, I finally went back there today for the prize. That’s what happens when work and RL take their toll on SL :p

Anyway, this is a cute outfit, so just skip those ramblings, if you think they are boring. I already think they are 😀

If you want to see another version of this mix of skin and hair, check LisaMun‘s post, it looks great on her 🙂

Finally, I have to show this cute dress by BeBe Doll, which is available in the store as dollarbie for June. I love the color and… well, I love the way that this skin, hair flower and dress come together, I’m an artist lol

By the way, this lovely hair is from fri.day. They have massive discounts for everything in the store and a four-color hair style is only L$75.


Outfits by Envied (first two pics), Badoura Design (third pic), B!Fashion (fourth pic) and BeeBeeDoll

Shoes by B!Fashion

Skin by Exile

Hair by Fri.day (pics 1,2 and 5), Exile (third pic) and  Lollipopz (fourth pic)

Pics taken in the beautiful sim of Napoliy