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Only black outfits in this post… ok, and some denim shorts :))) I had this idea yesterday, when I put on the hot gift from hyper culture, while I was wearing my favorite skin at the moment, the latest group gift by Dutch Touch, and the fri.day hair that I just bought, with a red flower (yes, I know it’s color-change :p) So I thought some red accessories would fit perfectly.

Well, that was yesterday. Today I went to Shoe Fly Shoes for an awesome pair of shoes that are not red, but they are lovely. So much for my accessorizing! I kept the headline, though, cause I like it :))

Before I get to my recent findings, I have to show you this:

I was looking for some places to take my snapshots and I ended up at ((= Vague=)). And believe me, it was not vague at all. But it was very beautiful, especially since I switched to night. I am too proud of this pic not to have it displayed Full size 😀

And no we can go back to the point of this post:

That’s the Hyper Culture dress. I think it’s hot 🙂

These snapshots and the following one were taken at The Mother Road, because the name of this place kinda makes me think about the Rolling Stones, which leads to Paint it Black… anyway, let’s move on 🙂

This outfit (top and leggings) are the gift I received when I hit the subscriber at Morea Style. The top also comes in brown and black, but I did not photographed it because… well… it was not red 😀

Here’s another little black dress – and trust me, you never have enough of little black dresses in your inventory 😀 – it’s a gift by Lurani. It comes with a system skirt, but that’s all right with me since I made a shape especially for skirts 🙂

And finally, these cute shorts are a gift by T Junction (also come with leggings, but they were a bit too pink for me). The top is a gift by Sari’s.

And now the hard part (and probably the only one that gets some reading):

Moniq is wearing hair by fri.day (don’t forget about the sales) and skin by Dutch Touch in all the pics.

Outfits (not counting the scenery snapshots, that would be pic 0 🙂

Pics 1 and 2: dress by Hyper Culture, shoes and bag by YS&YS

Pic 3: outfit by Morea Style, boots by Bootgasm (old lucky chair prize)

Pic 4: dress by Lurani, shoes by Shoe Fly Shoes

Pic 5: top by Sari’s, shorts by T Junction, shoes by Shoe Fly Shoes

Poses by Tuft and Striking Poses

Snapshots taken at ((=Vague=)) (I know, that means wave in French) and the Mother Road.

And something to match the title (also one of my favorite songs):