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I finally got my man (I don’t feel like saying my SL partner) to take me for a ride on his awesome bike. Not that he did not asked it before, but usually I was too busy taking snapshots in cute outfits :)) Now I did it because I promised that I would… and to make up for saying that I would never do that in RL, because two-wheeled vehicles simply scare me 😀 I dressed up for the occasion and… there we go!

See? it even goes underwater! And one more thing that I hope you did not miss: the pose of the passenger. Did you see where moniq’s legs were? :))

moniq is wearing:

skin by Gatti (current group gift, it was on all the feeds yesterday)

hair by Hype

jacket by Adam & Eve at the Black&Blue Fair

Pants… called Journey, I have  no slurl… they were a MM board prize 🙂

boots by Bax Cohen (old freebie)

No idea where the bike is from, but I can ask 🙂