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I did not really think that gowns and kimonos are my style. moniq is rather a doll who wears shorts skirts 😀 That’s why I don’t usually respond to MM calls for gowns especially since most of them are suited for RP. However, when I hear green, I might just give it a try. And I promise to do that more often. Because of this:

Yes, that fantastic dress is a MM prize! It is still available at FallnAngel Creations. It was love at first sight. I adore the design, the pattern, the color… everything. Plus, it also has jacket with long, floating sleeves and when I put that on, it seemed a brand new gown. Here’s a pic with both versions:

Yeah, two moniqs in the same pic. I hope that’s not too much 😀 anyway, I had to post it because I worked hard to do it. Shame on me for forgetting most of the things I used to know about Photoshop 😀

I also collected other goodies in the two days when I did not have the time to take pics. Luckily, I finally made a “blog” folder in my inventory and semi-sorted the new items – if stuff that I got in April can be called new :D, so it was easier not to forget what I want to show 😀

First up, a cute dress that I got from DPD lucky chair. It’s khaki and orange – a mix of colors that I also love and use in RL. I paired up with a hairstyle that I finally won after two days of stalking the Lollipopz lucky chairs 😀

Prism has this new dollarbie out. I thought it is cute and deserves a snapshot, although I have already seen it on the feeds. But not my version of it! :))

Finally, this cute gift dress by SLC looks great combined with this gorgeous hair, also by Lollipopz, that I got as a MM prize a few days ago. Now the prize has changed, there’s another cute hair for grabs. But that will have to wait for another blog post 🙂

moniq is wearing:

Outfits by FallnAngel Creations (first two pics), Doux Couture (third pic), Prism (fourth pic) and SLC Couture.

Shoes by ALB available at Enky’s dollar store (third pic), Bax Cohen (fourth pic) and Baby Monkey (last pic).

Skins by Tuli (first two pics), Exodi (third pic, not free), and Gatti (last two pics)

Hair by W&Y (first two pics) and Lollipopz

Poses by Glitterati, BehaviorBody, VivaPoses and Poserz.