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Actually I hate bugs. Even those so-called cute and harmless ones. But the June bugs seem to be a totally different story. Especially since they are part of a hunt. I found the two of them at Paris Metro. One cute dress perfect for the beach and an “adventure” outfit with the coolest top ever, which I matched with… well… birds :)))

Outfits by Paris Metro here and here

Shoes by Baby Monkey (called Ultimate Madonna Boots, they are color change for the actual boots, sole and trim, toes or no toes option, skin customization and so on… in one word, perfect. And no, I was not paid to say that :D)

Skin by Exodi (called Hot date, I like that)

Hair by D!va, which has just moved and has a new group gift hair. I’m not showing it because I got it after I took these snapshots, but you have my word that it is cute šŸ™‚

Poses by doll. and VivaPoses

PS: I’m still wandering around barefoot in Second Life :))