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Just when I finished editing a set of pics showing my new skin and hair, the Pacadi Jasha gift came in. So I had to start over 😀

Isn’t is pretty? moniq is also wearing the new Lionskins gift, which already took the feeds by storm, an one of the four hair styles that Boon placed at the Dressing Room Blue, all for just L$70. Here’s a close-up:

Next up I will show you the other Boon styles, plus the D!va group gift, which comes in a full color pack with both forelock and non forelock options.

I guess you noticed this gorgeous top. It’s the gift by Azul to the Avenue Magazine readers, located at Azul’s new shop at the GOL sim. I just love it!

That was the Morticia Addams hair :)) I’ve been wishing for such hair for a while now 🙂

Now this hair was originally pink, but I love playing with textures and colors, since I learned how to do that 😀

And now the D!va hair, I think they are getting better and better 🙂

moniq is wearing:

Clothes by Pacadi Jasha (first two pics), top by Azul here, jeans by Free Speerit

Skin by Lionskins (comes with gloss and hairbase options, plus a hair mesh by Vanity Hair)

Shoes by Nardcotics

Hair by Boon at TDR Blue and D!va

Poses by VivaPoses and Diva