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So yeah, the day is ending, the crazy June heat is finally going away, the weather is finally perfect for a walk in the park… and I’m still in front of the PC editing pictures. And all because of this:

This amazing dress called Victa is a gift to all of those ladies who are Miamai subscribers for more than 90 days. And unless you’ve been living in a cave in the past year, you must have heard of Miamai. And if you did, I’m sure you became a subscriber. So go get the dress :)))

But before you do that, take a look of the other pics. They were shot in an amazing location, which I discovered by simply looking at the SL destination guide, which opens when you hit the search button.

Outfit by Miamai

Shoes by Nardcotix

Hair by Boon at The Dressing Room Blue (just blogged lol)

Skin by Lazoli (store closed)

Snapshots taken at alpha et omega