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Today I read about a new blogger challenge launched by Alicia Chenaux. Here are the details. And I love challenges 😀

The question for the first day is : Why did you become a blogger? How has it enriched your life?

The answer for the first part is easy. Because of this:

And this:

moniq looks so great and there are so many gorgeous fashion items out there!

My avatar is about one and a half year old.  Most fashion and SL-related blogs are older than that 😀 And I spent half of my time in-world adjusting my shape to look good, but not really knowing that there was a fashion world. Shame on me, the RL fashionista!

And then it all opened up to me, by accident. I discovered a shoe store and I loved their footwear so much, that I googled them to see if there is also a RL store that makes those shoes. Instead, I discovered the SL fashion blogs. So I became a Sl fashionista also. My love for clothing, shoes and bags was channeled to the virtual world.

It took me months to get familiarized with SL fashion and at some point I realized that I already had or knew about most good freebies out there. And that I could tell a great design from a low quality one and that … well… having a 1000 skins and changing them several times a day to match the hair and the outfit and even the shoes is great! 🙂

It took me several months to gather the courage to start blogging myself, because there are so many fashion blogs and at least half of them are great. I did it, though, because I love the way my avatar turned out and I love how good designs look on it.

Besides the narcissistic side of it, there’s more: I’m always low on lindens, because I refuse to bring RL money in a game, so I only spend in SL what I earn in SL. So I can’t be a good client for designers all the time, although I get SL broke easily :))) So taking nice pictures and displaying great outfits is my way of giving something back to all those content creators who brighten my days 🙂 I hope they see my snapshots and they like them.

One good thing about blogging is that I went back to something I used to like, but had given up years ago: Photoshop. I’m re-learning its features, the buttons, the shortcuts… and I like it!

I have to mention this: I’m not Photoshopping the outfits! I play with the background, I crop, I copy and I paste, I multiply, I liquify the knees, elbows and other body parts that should be round and smooth, but are not because of SL avatar limits. But not the clothing or the shoes. If something can’t be edited in world (prim attachments, mainly) because they are no mod, they are in no way suited for my shape or are just poorly made, then they end up in the trash folder. No second thoughts.  No blog post for them either. And my inventory is only 16.000 items 😀

Plus, I love to see that there are people coming to my blog, looking at my pics and clicking a link for a certain outfit, hair style or skin. I am glad that there are people who appreciate what I do and I hope that those who don’t will tell me, at some point, what is wrong with my posts, in their opinion. I am glad that some designers have seen their outfits on my blog and liked what they saw.  It is my way of saying thanks to them, after all 🙂

One more thing, on the selfish side: my RL taste for clothing has improved since I follow the SL fashion (I still have to find a way to edit RL clothing, though :D). And my RL budget is significantly safer and farther from bankruptcy since I spend a few or no lindens on SL designs.

I almost forgot to say one thing: my blog is part of no competition. I’m here for my own enjoyment, not to compete with other bloggers on who does it better or who posts it faster. I think there is room for everybody 🙂

Now that was a long story 🙂


Gown by Paris Metro

Skin and hair mesh by YS&YS

Poses: VivaPoses