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It makes me waste so much time and there’s no exit to the next level!

Hey, that was a joke! I like my second life. That although I don’t have much time available for it, because RL and work come first and in spite of leaving my avatar spend hours alone in the backyard because I’m either busy editing pics and posting them or spending some time with my biker-to-be-guy and listening to stories about bikes :)) In RL, I mean :p

What I do like about SL is people behind avatars. Well, most of them. Aside of griefers, copyboters, jerks who think that IMs asking for sex are cool and ‘ll just jump for it and you name others who bother you, people in SL are great.

Nobody is compelled to give you detailed information about an outfit that they have seen somewhere or even go there and TP you. But some people do that because they are simply being nice.  Nobody is forced to give you a piece of advice when you ask for it in a group that was meant for other topics. But there are many people who give you that advice, just because they think you need it.

So yes, one positive thing about SL is that it makes me more polite, more ready to help others and more…. well… virtually social (I’ve always been a virtual bitch, truth be told), just because others are nice and helpful and I feel I need to give something back.

Also on the positive side … well… I’m officially partnered in SL. I never thought that I’d put something that official on the positive things list lol. But hey, I’m just human, and the person behind my avatar sometime gets jealous on the person behind another avatar, although it’s just a game. Gosh, I’ve never felt jealousy in RL!  Or maybe it was just selfishness and needing to come first no matter what life 😀 So I probably have to thank Second Life for telling me new things about myself, things that I wouldn’t have realized otherwise 🙂

I’m sure there are many other positive things in SL that I could mention. But to me, this one is important: freedom. I am stubborn enough not to get a job in SL, because my RL is hard work enough. I know, that leaves me little lindens to spend and I’m often pissed off that I can’t buy this or that… but hey, freedom has a cost and I am willing to pay it!

On the bright side, there are so many gifts out there and I am willing to advertise all the good ones 🙂  Here’s a sample. In other words, if you had me say this publicly, you’ll also have to deal with my snapshots :))

Skin by YS&YS (current group gift)

Hair by fri. (not free)

Outfit by Luxurious World (hunt prize)

Shoes by B! Fashion (MM prize)

Pose: EverGlow