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For  some reason, I keep giving color headlines to my posts. Could it be lack of inspiration? I’d rather like to think that I’m giving a theme to my posts… but then again, I’m biased cause this is my blog, right? :)))

Anyway, today I’m showing you three free tops in the same color specter. Two of them come with gray pants, which makes me thing that I just discovered a new trend in mixing colors in SL. Truth be told, I would give it a try in RL if I ever decide to give up greens, khakis and oranges :p

For starters, here’s a big picture of my avatar’s face. This was supposed to be a close-up of the YS&YS skin and the new ChiChickie group gift (which I recolored to match the skin eyebrows). But strange things happen to my fingers when I use Photoshop: they go by themselves and do whatever they please. They just did this:

I really like the way it turned out. That’s why it gets to be sooo big 🙂

Anyway, I’m sure that you’re not here to watch my narcissism exhibited, so let’s move on to the outfits:)

This is how the hair and the skin really are. That cute outfit is a dollarbie by Sari’s (not sure whether it is still available, but it’s worth giving it a try, unless your avatar has a big butt just like mine and has to try hard to fit in the prim attachments).  This hair sent by ChiChickie via subscribo originally comes in a honey blond shade, but I like it better that way 🙂

Next up, the breezy top that is available for free at Chantkare basics. It was already shown in several blogs, but fits the theme of this post. And I really like it, so you’ll have to bare with it in another post 🙂

You must admit that you did not see it photographed close to a barrel, right? :))

And last but not least, this gift is available at Crissy Designs and is a limited freebie, so if you like it, better go now 🙂

moniq is wearing shoe fly shoes black steam chunks (not free, but love them) in all the snapshots.

pics 1&2: skin by ys&ys (group gift), hair by ChiChickie (subscriber gift), outfit by Sari’s here

pic 3: the same skin by ys&ys, hair by fri.day (not free), top available at Chantkare Basics

pic 4: skin by Exodi (not free, but smokin’ hot),  hair by W&Y (group gift, available at the store), outfit by Crissy Designs

Poses by EverGlow and my AO 😀