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Glitterati has it’s annual L$100 sale. Most poses and lots of props are heavily discounted. And guess what: I got the Garage! I am so happy about that! I feel like it’s Christmas all over again, although this is not technically a gift. But who cares about details? :))) I’ve been drooling for several months now for the Garage, but it was kinda expensive for my always broke Linden pockets. Now I got it and it’s just great 🙂

I also got some other stuff and a new freebie that Katey Coppola has placed in store, a laptop with poses. I did not have the time to try it yet, but I’m sure it will be part of a post soon 🙂 So thank you Katey, you’re my favorite person in SL right now :))

moniq is wearing:

Skin by Dutch Touch (group gift)

Hair by Magika (one of the many free styles)

Corset by IrEn (freebie for group members)

Shorts by Fiend (not free)

Boots free here for Vinyl Cafe group members

Garage prop by Glitterati (L$100 sale)