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When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a ballerina. But that required much exercise. Then I wanted to be a singer. Bad luck:  I did not have the voice for that. Then I wanted to be a model. But for that you need a body. (No wonder that I became a journalist, after all :D)

One thing that has followed me throughout the years was the passion for clothing. As a child, I deeply hated my sister, because she was older and she was always the first to get new clothes. I used to dream of beautiful clothing and wake up crying because those clothes were not real.

In school, I started drawing. Women wearing dresses, women wearing gowns, pants, skirts, lingerie. That was all over my school books. My parents did not encourage that. I was supposed to be an economist, or something, to get a serious job. What’s that, a fashion designer? 😀

So, instead of a creator, I became a consumer of fashion. Over the years, I gathered an impressive collection of clothes, shoes and bags. I refuse to think how much money I could have saved if I did not buy one  or another piece of clothing that I only got to wear once.

And that could sound a bit weird for someone who is usually wearing jeans and flats 😀 But having dozens  of skirts and dozens of dresses is necessary, you never know when you need them 😀

When I joined SL, I wanted my avatar to look and act like me. So moniq was mostly wearing jeans and comfy boots. But the offer for fashion is so wide in SL, our avatars can have perfect bodies there, so why not dare wear something that’s not my everyday style? 🙂 Becoming a SL fashionista was so easy!

I noticed that, as time went by, my RL style became influenced by the SL fashion. I visit RL stores and look after designs that are trendy in SL. I even buy some… and wear them. I will only mention one recent purchase, a pair of gray gladiator sandals with too high heels. They are lovely, but they killed my feet. Worn once 😀

In spite of that, I am happy about how my RL and SL styles evolve. And maybe one day I’ll also post RL look-of-the-day pics on this blog 🙂

Meanwhile, here’s my SL look for today:

skin by IrEn

Hair by Nikita Fride

boots by Drakke Designs

top by House of Beningborough

pants by Source

nails by Love Soul

Lashes by Vixen

poses by Glitterati