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I had this look in mind for some time now. I built it around my new Nikita Fride hair, which is available as group gift. I posted the male version in my previous post and I now wanted a bad girl look for the female hair. I’m pretty happy about how it came out, cause moniq can’t really be a bad girl, she seems to be the girlie kind.

When I was about to take the snapshots, a message came in. Tuli just set out a new gift for the group. Now I know that there’s a join fee for the update group, but I think it’s the best spent lindens ever. When I wear a Tuli skin, I know that I can wear anything, in any light, and still look great. The face is always delicate and pretty. The knee and behind the knee areas are made naturally, so it does not have that dirty knees look that bugs me. The neck is also perfect and the same are all the other areas that define a high quality skin.

I wanted to see the skin in a brighter light that the one provided by the bad girl in the garage image.  I changed the outfit, the hair and the sim and… there you go!

This gorgeous outfit is called Hippy Chic. I think it is rather hippy gorgeous :)) This is rather my style of RL outfit :p Anyway, it is a gift by Aqua, you can get it if you go to the store and check the subscribo history. There’s also a gift for men 🙂

moniq is wearing:

Skin by Tuli (group gift)

Nails by Candy Nail

Pics 1-2: hair by Nikita Fride (group gift), shoes by Kalnins (old hunt gift), skirt by Delicious (gift for the Fashion Trend group), top by Nadas

Pics 3-4: outfit by Aqua (SoM gift), hair by Lollipopz, no shoes

Poses and props by Glitterati (L$100 sale going on there, great props and poses!)