I was wearing this cute black dress, which is the current profile pick at B! Fashion, and I was looking for a place to take some pics. I opened SL’s destination guide and.. ta-daaah! there was Transylvania, the land of the vampires. What the hell, why not? After all, everyone is making this wrong association between Dracula, vampires and Transylvania since Bram Stoker. Let me tell you this: Dracula didn’t even live there! But hey, what’s a few hundreds of kilometers, when a name sounds dark and mysterious?

It may sound like that, but it is neither dark nor mysterious. It’s just a place on earth like any other. Nights are dark and days are bright. The sun is rising from the East and goes down to the West.  And I’ve never seen a vampire there, although I visited all of Dracula’s homes, real or claimed to be real.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post. Join me in the scary and dark land of Transylvania!

Now that we are behind the gates, dare you follow me?

Come, this bridge looks safe. Just a few more steps!

Don’t enter that door, the vampire is there!

Oh, no, he’s out here! I almost had a heart attack!

I’ll get some rest here. Hey, this is a couple bench… I think vampires make up in the cemetery! How scary is that? :))

Outfit by B!Fashion

Hair by I love Olive

Skin by Tuli

Shoes by Baby Monkey

Poses by Glitterati and VivaPoses (plus my AO)