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I was feeling kinda seek and tired last night. Or maybe just bored. Or maybe a little too bugged by RL issues. Anyway, I didn’t feel like taking pics of all the cool outfits that I got in the past two days, although many of them did not get on the feeds yet.

Instead, I took moniq to the beach, just to sit on the shore, watch the waves and relax… and dream about the vacation and the time I will get on the beach myself… And now I shut up and post some snapshots. The vacation is too far ahead to think about it now 😀

This sexy  beach outfit (shades, hat and bag included) by dekade, formerly KA Designs, and this cute hair by Mina are available at the new Glance sim. You’ll find there lots of great gifts by some of the top designers in SL, so it’s worth going there 🙂

The skin moniq is wearing is Sienna by Exodi (not free, but perfect :p)