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Yes, I know that vie means life, but I kinda liked the wordplay 🙂 And It’s a good introduction to the subject of this post: LaVie (older residents know it as Damiani) is releasing a new skin, Demi Reloaded. I like it because, all LaVie skins, is bold and is sexy. It’s rather the skin of a self confident woman. Plus, it is high quality. To me, a skin is not good if the knees, the part behind the knees and the neck are not done well, so it does not look dirty, but natural. For this skin all those parts are great. Plus all the other parts, if you ask me.

This particular skin was sent to the LaVie bloggers group as a preview and will be sent as group gift later today. It has a cute face tatoo and tan lines, which, to my surprise, I find very sexy. I avoid tan lines in RL, but on a SL skin they look great. Plus, the group, which usually has a join fee, is free for the next two weeks. So what are you waiting for? :))

Demi will have five skin tones and 15 makeup options. Each makeup comes with a hairbase and cleavage option.

And a close-up  of the skin tones:

Skin: LaVie (preview)

Hair: W&Y

Hat and top: Purestyleat the new Glance sim. The top is free, the hat is L$50 (lots of other gifts there)

Nails: Love Soul

Eyes: Exodi

Lashes: Vixen

Pose: EverGlow