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One of my favorite stores in SL, Pixeldolls, has a new set of cute tops out. For each of the four releases, there is one gift version, in violet. Now how could I miss that? And because they are so cute and well made, I have to show them to you. Finding the right skin for them was easy. One of my favorite skin designers, YS&YS, recently released a set of smoking hot skins and one of them, Andrea, was sent as a group gift. It changed in the meantime, but the new group gift in store is also great, so it’s worth paying a visit there.

It was a bit harder with the shoes, because though I have hundreds of them, I always jump to the three or four pairs that are handy (and I know how they are called, so using the search feature is the easy way :D) However, I found those AuMa boots, which are still available at the lucky chair in store. For the bottoms it was also easy. Vive9’s Legal Attention pants are always a great choice (you can still find them free in one satellite store, as far as I know).

And one more just because I love-love-love this prop by Glitterati, which is currently on sale for only L$100 🙂

All tops by PixelDolls

Pants by Vive9 (plus lots of other goodies)

Boots by AuMa (lucky chair item)

Skin by YS&YS

Hair by W&Y (not free)

Nails by LUXG

Prop by Glitterati