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She is bold, but sometimes has a sweet face. She is mature and strong, but sometimes seems delicate. She is Demi, now reloaded, released by LaVie.

After receiving the group gift, blogged already, I couldn’t wait to try all the new make-ups that were sent to the bloggers group. I must admit that, while at work, I was trying to imagine how the pale tone looks like, since I only had LaVie skins in dark tones so far. But the time has come. I tried them all and I still have to decide which one I like most. I think the dark tones and red lips ones, though, such as this one:

I think those lips are absolutely sexy.  If I was a man and moniq was real… anyway, let’s skip my narcissistic ramblings and go back to the skin 🙂

Demi comes in five skin tones and 15 make-ups. Each one has hairbase and cleavage options. For these snapshots, moniq is wearing cleavage and no hairbase versions. Here’s a preview of the body, which is amazing. No spots, no dirty looks, realistic knees, beautiful tummy. This is a skin I’d wear on the beach by all means.

I must admit that I love the darker tones better. But then again, I’m a fan of dark skin in SL, since my RL skin is on the white and sensitive side and I’ve always craved for dark, perfect and painless tan 😀

I took snapshots of Demi’s face also… but I could not decide which ones to show, because they are all great… so I selected them randomly. But out of the 15 make-ups, I love them all 🙂

See? Lovely and some more!

moniq is wearing

Demi skin by LaVie (review)

W&Y hair (old freebie)

Lashes by Vixen

Nails by Candy Nail

Top by Phoenix Rising (not free, was a L$1 hunt item)

Shoes by NC Paris (current profile pick gift, has hood for skin and nails)

Poses by Glitterati

PS. If you see which capital mistake I made in one of those snapshots, you get to slap my pixelated butt… or any other kind of punishment that you can think of 😀