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My city is hosting a rock festival these days and of course I’m there to … well… rock, cause some of my favorite bands are playing’ there. So I took my guitar, pretended that my garage  is a stage and rocked the SL also. Ok, the outfit is not quite heavy metal, and definitely not appropriate for the cold and rainy weather, but I think it’s cute. Plus, there are cute things that I wanted to show 🙂

This cute jacket/hoodie is part of an outfit which also includes a version with sweater (white sleeves), jeans with sculpted cuffs and sneakers (not shown). I got it from a MM board which only needs 15 slaps. I think it’s worth paying a visit there.

moniq is wearing:

jacket (part of outfit): MM board T&A Designs

shorts: dollarbie at the Starlust Motel

shoes: !mpossible (freebie in store)

skin: Exodi (not free)

hair: Maitreya (not free)

guitar plus poses and the garage: Glitterati (not free, but sold with only L$100). The guitar was pink, but I recolored it to look more heavy metal :p

Bonus: here’s what I’ve been listening to this evening at the concert: Ravel’s Bolero, the rock version!