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I spent some time hunting these days. A bit of June bug, a bit of Fashion is Love (I’m not sure when these end, so better hurry) and more of the Good Shit Hunt (some name, right :p), which just started, but it has great prizes, so I thought it was worth actually doing it all.

I kinda focused on skins and dresses (yeah, that’s me lol), but there are also other cute items in all those hunts.

I totally love this dress by A&A (it is called dress, but… hmm).  It’s so sexy and hot, and I decided to wear it in broad daylight, although I’m kinda the conservative kind :)) This cute skin is a June bug hunt prize by IrEn.

Next up, more cute dresses from the Fashion is Love hunt:

Both these dresses are hunt prizes by LP design, in two separate boxes. Sassy Kitty also has two dresses as prizes, actually is the same outfit, but in two colors. I’m only showing the one in red.

The shoes used in these pics are the current profile pick gift at B! Fashion.

Up next, some of the prizes that I grabbed from the Good Shit hunt. And the shit is cool too :)))

This is the SMOTD prize, a full outfit with shoes included. It also has a shirt with cuffs and necktie, but I like it better without them.

Fri.day is also participating in this hunt and offers as prize a cool pair of low waist jeans, which moniq is wearing with part of a swimsuit outfit provided by Astraia. The bag and bangles are The Sea Hole prize (also check the subscribo, cute skins and a gorgeous dress in history).

Nushru also has a cute dress in blue, while  OMFG has a cute white outfit. With the blue dress, moniq is wearing the hunt prize from [kik].

Another one of my favorites is this cute dress by Lark, also part of the GSH.

This beautiful skin is the !lmabee prize. And here’s anoher skin that I love and is a hunt prize, by Atomic Barbi. This close-up is also meant to show this hair attachment by Dark Mouse, also in the hunt (more stuff included in the prize box).

And now the hard part: the credits 😀

Skins: IrEn (first pic, June bug hunt), Atomic Bambi (pics 2,3,4, 8, 10), GSH prize, !Imabee (pics 5, 6, 7, 9), also GSH prize

Outfits: A&A Fashion (first pic, Fashion is Love hunt), LP Design (pics 2 and 3, Fashion is Love hunt), Sassy Kitty (pic 4, Fashion is Love hunt), SMOTD (pic 5, GSH prize), pants by Fri.day and top by Astraia (pic 6, HSH prize), Nushru (pic 7, GHS prize), (OMFG) I love it! (pic 8, GSH prize), Lark (pic 9, GSH prize).

Accessories: The Sea hole (pic 6, GSH prize), Dark Mouse (pic 10, GSH prize)

Shoes: Baiastice (first pic), B! Fashion (pics 2-4, profile pick gift), Lark (pic 8, old hunt prize) and  Baby Monkey (all the other pics)

Hair: A&A (first pic), I love Olive (pics 2-4, subscriber gift), Boon (pics 5 and6), kik (pic 7, GSH prize), D!va (pics 8 and 10), W&Y (pic 9).

The pastel green skybox is a SGH prize by estetica, which also has some cute dollarbie poses in store (some of them were used for this pics). Other poses used are by CoD (also GSH prize), Glitterati and Torridwear.