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I have to warn you, there’s another post with lots of pictures coming your way! However, all those items showcased are from very-very cool to fab, so to me it was worth trying on and taking snapshots of so many dresses, so I hope that for you also it’s worth taking a look. First of all, I went hunting again, there were some more prizes in the Good Shit Hunt that I desperately wanted to have, so I am proud to say that I almost finished the hunt (YAY, I think this is the first time in my SLife when I do that, except for store hunts lol).

Plus, some of my favorite dress and gown makers are participating in the RFL Hunt for the Cure event, providing gorgeous items for only L$10-25. Not that I had time to go to all the stores, but I can give you a hint of what cool stuff you can get for only L$10. And help a cause while you do that. Some stores have their vendors in plain sight, others will give hints, so they are not hard to find.

Plus, one group gift and one lucky board outfit. Is that too much? :)))

This is one of the Hunt for the cure dresses available at Paris Metro. There are three of them, located at each of their locations and the owner is very nice and helpful, so these stores are worth paying a visit. Plus, you get an extra gift for subscribing to the sub-0. Next up, a purple sparkling dress that will definitely make you stand out in the crowd, also by Paris Metro.

And no. 3, a cute and classy cocktail dress. I love the color so much, that I decided to keep moniq wearing it, although she is not going to any cocktail party.

Another Hunt for the Cure item is this elegant dress by My Precious, which also costs L$10. The vendor is cleverly hidden somewhere in the store, but if you check the sub-o, you will find a notecard with a very helpful hint.

Moving on to the GSHunt prizes. I totally love this dress available at nami dasshu, a new store that could become one of my favorites, judging by this dress:

Yeah, I know, it’s clichee, but Buddha’s skin matches the one moniq is wearing 😀 This is another GSH prize, available at Glam Affair. It took me some time to find it, but I think it was worth it. Here’s a close-up of moniq and Buddha (again, I can’t help it!)

And a cute outfit by WhoNose, which I have been waiting for, because when I started the hunt, It was not available. I have some WhoNose outfits in moniq’s inventory and I like them all because they are carefully done and pretty 🙂

This is the hunt prize and shoes and accessories are included. When I got there, I saw an M on the lucky board and I got this:

Last, but not least, a group gift from Bliss Couture. As usual, it is a high quality dress and it is very sexy (and made me realize that I have matching shoes for it and half of the other dresses :D)

moniq is wearing:

Outfits by Paris Metro available at the main store and two other locations, here and here (pics 1-3), My Precious (pic 4), nami dasshu (pic 5), WhoNose (pics 7 and 8) and Bliss Couture (pic (9).

Shoes by Nardcotix (pics 3, 5 and 70) and Maitreya (pics 4 and 9) and WhoNose (part of the outfit)

Skins by Glam Affair (GSH prize, pics 5-8) and LaVie (new release, not free)

Hair by W&Y

Lashes by glow studio (dollarbie in store)

Nails by Candy Nail

Poses by Glitterati