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That is the name of the free pose pack provided by !Bang, a new store that is all over the feeds right now. The poses are cute and inspired me to take some snapshots. Ok, I took some yesterday, but I did not have the time to blog them. Now I made a new set and, although it’s so damn late, I will post them now. No matter what 😀

This post is a mix-up of gifts, hunt prizes, non free items and old stuff that’s been for quite a while in my inventory. I first went to Aqua to get the new store gift, a cute romantic outfit that I like a lot, but it was already blogged too many times. Instead, I will show a hunt prize and a blouse that I just had to have because of the lovely color. Plus a Poised outfit that is on sale and two tops that are available at Mina’s and GField’s new locations. Plus two D!va hair styles that are in the group notices. And a statue, but that will come later :))

This gorgeous dress is the Midsummer Nights Dream Hunt prize at Aqua. And just take a look at the back!

Also by Aqua, this hot blouse. It is simple and rather classic, but just look at the color!

The jeans are part of a Poised outfit, which is currently on sale (yes, I know I said that before). And, by the way, now I am using the !Bang free poses. Here’s the full outfit:

I discovered this location on Cajsa Lilliehook‘s blog and I think it’s a great place for pictures. One of my favorites, actually 🙂

And now, introducing the statue!

I wanted to take some snapshots of the D!va hairs, but I found this statue and I changed my mind. Hey, I have a new friend! :))

Pics 1-4

outfits by Aqua (pics 1-3) and Poised (pic 4)

shoes by Shoe Fly Shoes

skin by Glam Affair (I know I blogged it already, but I decided it deserves more pics and a more creative approach)

hair by LaRosa

Pics 5-6

tops by Mina and G Field

pants by Fri.day (GSH prize)

shoes by Baby Monkey

hair by D!va

skin by Cupcakes (group gift)

Poses by !Bang and VivaPoses