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That’s what I’m doing now 😀 Though I must admit that blogging kinda helps me cool it down. Before I started posting, I was collecting more items, tried them on, maybe took some pics and start over again. Now I have to choose the items, find a good location for pics, take the snapshots, edit them, post them, write about them, provide slurls… And that turned out to eat a lot of my time, not that I had much free time anyway. So I kinda became more selective and now I only stick to items that I want to blog. However, my inventory is becoming huge and threatens to burst out, although I clean it up quite often. Here are some things that I do not plan to include in any cleaning, because they are cute and I love them all.

First of all, add My Precious to your profile picks and get this hot little black dress for free.

I used green accessories because I don’t really like an all-black look, because green is my favorite color and mainly because I missed this gorgeous Tuli skin that was sent as a group gift a while ago.  Also in back and green comes the next snapshot: Lurani has a cute black babydoll as freebie at its new location.

I also have an all green look: the new subscriber gift from A piece of candy. I love the color and this particular design is one of my favorites. I also have it in several other colors 🙂

And finally, these are the Baby Monkey shoes for fishnets. You can find them in the group notices along with a white version and several other gifts. They can be worn with or without the fishnets (stockings are also provided in the pack) and allow you to adjust the skin tone by RGB values with both fishnets and no fishnet versions. Plus, the shoes also come with a 2.0 viewer version  which includes and alpha layer foot hider. By the way, if you did not switch to 2.0, I recommend you do, because it has some absolutely cool features, such as alpha and tatoo layers which help you get rid of the invisiprims and allow you to wear hair bases separately from the skin. As I said before, Tiny Bird has some for free, for most hair colors. Plus, SL 2.0 is more user-friendly, once you get used to it 🙂

One more thing: if you adjust your skin by RGB values, don’t forget to uncheck the “show color under cursor” option, otherwise you’ll end up with it in your snapshots 😀

moniq is wearing

skins by Tuli and Belleza (last pic), old group gifts

hair by W&Y (dollarbie in store)

hair base for 2.0 free  at Tiny Bird

shoes by Lelutka and Baby Monkey (last pic, stockings included)

necklace free at the FabFree hq


first pic: My Precious (profile picks gift)

second pic: Lurani (gift in store)

third pic: A piece of candy (sub-o gift)

fourth pic: blouse by Fior di Perle (old gift), pants by Betrayal (part of an outfit)

poses by Pididdle and BehaviorBody

photo studio by PhotoGraphique