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… and everything is perfect, I think it looks like this:

When you have the perfect dress, you need the best place to how it. For me, this is the one.  I look at this snapshot and I really feel happy. And all because of a virtual dress!

I have to thank Paris Metro for that. It was already one of my favorite stores in SL, but now I can definitely say that it is my favorite. The more I look at this dress, the more I love it. And I also have to thank LisaMun, cause I first saw the dress on her blog 🙂 This is the Mad as a Hatter Hunt prize and, as usual, prizes at Paris Metro are rather easy to find. One more reason to love the store :p

moniq is also wearing the new dekade skin gift, which is, as usual, stunning. I thought there was no need to show it in broad daylight, because it is on all the feeds and everyone knows it or has it by now :p  So take a look and see how great it looks by night too! you can wear it for a moonwalk and still look hot :p

I think I’m rambling too much, so I’ll let the pictures speak. Full-size 😀

moniq is wearing:

dress by Paris Metro (hunt prize)

skin by dekade (subscribo gift)

hair by W&Y (not free)

poses by Glitterati

Update: here‘s the location for the snapshots.