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Introducing today some sexy top by Boom, some hot-hot-hot sandals by Rose River Salon and some long hairs by Lollipopz. Plus other goodies. I’m in a rush (as usual, lately), so let’s just get to the photos!

This hair style is this month’s group gift by Lollipopz, fat pack as usual. Moniq is also wearing those gorgeous sandals by RRS, with color hud for skin and nails (also has RGB option, which is the best way to adjust the skin color, in my opinion). These shoes are free in store for Vain.Inc group members.

This is the red version of the Boom tops. And see? I used RBG to match the skin. The values are somewhere in moniq’s hair. And I just said that it was bad-bad-bad! 😀

Anyway, I want to show you the other shoes I got from RRS, they are the current update group gift. Moniq is wearing them with the Tasty retro bikini, which came in through the sub-o a few days ago, but I did not have the time to post them. And I finally got this W&Y lucky board hair (I think I’m the last one on the grid, cause everyone has it by now).

Now check this out! I am wearing a Tuli base skin, which was (and I think still is) free in store, and I am using a glam make-up by Dulce Secrets (subscriber gift) which is a tattoo layer (only works with 2.0 viewer). By the way, the RRS shoes come with a 2.0 version, which allows you to get rid of those ugly invisiprims :))

Yeah, a close-up of the DS face would have been nice. But is simply forgot to take that snapshot 😦

moniq is wearing:

tops by Boom

shoes by RRS

bikini by Tasty

jeans by  CS Fandango

skins by LaVie (pics 1 and 2) and Tuli (pics 3-4), with DS tattoo layer make-up

Hair by Lollipopz (pics 1 and 2) and W&Y

poses by VivaPoses (tribute to Michael Jackson, free in store)

I hope I have the time to paste slurls later. Don’t hate me for that! 🙂

Finally updated 😀