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Did you ever wish you owned all the clothes and shoes and bags in the world (well, only the cool ones)? I did. Many times. And in SL I also wish I had all the skins and hairs on the grid. I wonder how my inventory would look like. And whether my avatar would crash under the inventory weight.

Luckily, there are so many designers that allow us to have beautiful items at very low price or no price at all. Here’s some stuff that I gathered in the past few days 🙂

This is the latest subscriber gift from Miamai. And since green is my favorite color, you can imagine how happy I was to see it! By the way, moniq is wearing a skin by Lelutka, available as opening gift for a new store, called Orta. It also includes a cute dress and a bag with six wearing options, but I’m not going to show them, because they were already on all the feeds.

Up next, two gorgeous pieces that at available for L$10 each at My Precious, one is the group gift for My Precious and the black one is the gift from Entre Mares.

Plus another group gift (yeah, back to green), by Paris Fashion this time.

And finally, a dollarbie by Dany French Touch. I kinda like this snapshot, I guess I saved the best for last :))

moniq is wearing:

skin: lelutka

hair: W&Y

shoes: MB creationz (old hunt gift) and RRS, already blogged

outfits: Miamai (pic 1), My Precious and Entre Mares (L$10 each with My Precious group tag, pics 2 and 3), Paris Fashion (group gift) and Dany French Touch (dollarbie)

poses: Glitterati, don’t freak out, Izumiya