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I gladly took Gogo’s Newbie Style Challenge, thinking it would be easy for me, since my looks are mostly made with free or cheap items. But it was rather difficult, because I did not want to cheat and use items that were already on my blog, flickr or even inventory, although they were purchased after July 4 (that’s July 5 by my time zone already). So last night I walked around SL to build a completely new look. I think I made that pretty good.

But I took it a bit further. Since it can be argued that this is an everyday challenge for freebie bloggers, I thought I’d give myself a more difficult task and do what an actual noob, with not much help from older members, would do: build a look at the Gnubie store. I was amazed to see great stuff there, made by some of the top designers in SL.

So here’s look one:

And the close-up (I just love those lips!)

And the Gnubie store look:

And close-up:

Look one: The skin is a lucky chair prize at Shine (yeah, I got lucky for once :D), hair (Darkerside) is free at the SavoirHair free store (I grabbed several styles to try them on, but only those that were not already in my inventory). The jewelry is also a lucky chair prize from Mariposa, shoes are a subscribo gift by Duh!, that cute little black dress is free at the new Modern Gypsy mainstore and the lashes are free on xstreet.

The poses used for both looks are a dollarbie pack (three poses included) at don’t freak out!

Look two: hair and shoes by Truth, skin by The Sea Hole, dress by Artilleri, all available for free or L$1 at the Gnubie store.

Total cost of the two outfits (which includes dollarbies purchased, but not used) was a stunning L$6 😀 All items for both looks were collected in less than 2 hours, last night.