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Time for bikini today. No, I’m not going in vacation yet, but I gathered several bikinis in my blogging folder and I thought it was about time to show them. Plus, I’m wearing a gorgeous Tuli skin that is totally free and perfect for an underwater girl 🙂 And see the hair? It’s still available in the Lollipopz MM board, but I don’t know for how long, so better run now! :p

This cute kini is a group gift from Pididdle. As far as I know, group membership is closed by now, but they are available in the store. Next, a dollarbie from Mina, which I got when the new store opened.

And finally, a subscriber gift from Pig, called no name bikini :))) Anyway, name or no name, the suit is gorgeous 🙂

And a close-up of the skin and hair 🙂

yeah, that’s a fish above moniq’s head 😀

skin: Tuli, available here

hair: Lollipopz

bikini: Pididdle (first pic), Mina (second pic), Pig (third pic)

nails: PurpleMoon (subscribo gift)

lashes: glow studio

eyes: exodi